The stamping , embossing and the associated tooling has been our own business for 160 years. We have always kept up with the times and today we manufacture stamping, bending and embossing parts for a wide range of applications. Our production is specialized in pre-production and small series as well as medium-sized series with up to 10 million parts. Test series and prototypes complete our profile.

DIN EN 9100:2009

part size

of full cut up to 200×100 mm

of follow-on composite tool depending on the production size


length of tool

up to 600 mm



up to 1.100 kN in continuous duty


material thickness

0,05 bis 2,5 mm sheet thickness



± 0,01 mm



as bulk material, on the belt, in magazine or in blister



process-monitored manufaction meets the stringent quality standards of DIN EN 9100:2009

raw material


  • brass
  • bronze
  • steel
  • copper
  • aluminum
  • chromium nickel steel
  • noble metal
  • copper-beryllium alloys
  • nickel-cobalt alloys
  • titan
  • various plastics (PTFE, PVC)
  • speacial alloys on demand

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