Carl Dillenius – About us

Carl Dillenius is a company with a long tradition of over 160 years. At the centre of its work has always been the imaginative way of machining and forming metal. Carl Dillenius has its roots in the manufacturing of jewellery. Today the group which is family owned is represented in a broad spectrum of industries. The Carl Dillenius group is also performing in the most demanding of them all – the aviation industry, where it now develops and manufactures metal parts as well as complete systems.


Metal is in the air.

This is what Carl Dillenius stands for


The commitment of our company

  • We are committed to the satisfaction of our customers and our tradition
  • Through ongoing progress and innovation, we are moving in future-proof markets
  • To safeguard our future, we conserve resources and the environment
  • We generate income with the aim of achieving the greatest possible independence


Our handling with each other

  • Our interactions are based on Christian values and social commitment
  • We value the strengths of our employees and create a family relationship
  • We see ourselves as a team and communicate honestly, trustingly and openly with each other and with our market partners
  • Reliability is achieved by taking responsibility
  • Through an open handling of information, we create a positive working atmosphere and professionalism


Our handling of the product

  • Through identification, competence and commitment we create high-quality products
  • The right combination of strengths and expertise of our employees creates stable processes for the highest quality
  • We master our product diversity by continuous skill enhancement at workplace
  • Our passionate pursuit is to be among the best